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Live In Santa Rosa And Need To Give Your Home Or Business A Digital Makeover?


We Offer A Variety Of Automating Solutions That Can Meet Your Needs!

Did you know that a crime occurs every hour and 23 minutes in Santa Rosa? That means that there is a 300% chance that your home or business will be robbed.

Do you really want to live with that uncertainty? At Digital Living we offer a range of automating features and technology solutions in Santa Rosa that can take your security to the next level.  As an award winning design, engineering and tech integration company we also offer custom home theatre systems, audiophile home solutions, and video conferencing solutions among others

Secure Your Business and Protect Your Family with Our Video Security Systems

Get complete peace of mind with our business grade video surveillance system that can also protect your home. We never take a cookie cutter approach when it comes to your security. Our experts will help you choose a custom system that can cover all the bases, is suitable for your facility and will not blow your budget.

Our advanced video surveillance solutions can also be integrated with other tech which makes it super convenient. We approach each project carefully because we understand video surveillance systems are the sum of their parts. A single unsuitable component can render the entire system useless and you won’t even realize it till it is too late.

At Digital Living, we have trained and experienced security and surveillance experts who will ensure you get a holistic security system that you will never have to worry about.

Keyless Door Entry and Smart Locks

We offer a variety of keyless and electronic solutions for your home and business that can give you complete peace of mind.

You take your phone everywhere with you. Chances are you forget your house keys more than you do your smart phone. We can make your phone your new house key to ensure your security is just a tap away.

This includes an electronic door lock which you can set up using your own personal code. Get complete control over who can access your home. Just give them a temporary code and delete it later. In fact, you can even receive text messages when someone enters your home. Never leave your house key under the doormat ever again!

Secure Your Home And Business Today!

Even if you live in the safest neighborhood or your company has never been robbed before, do you really want to wait for someone to break in before taking action? If you are searching for reliable security and technology solutions in Santa Rosa, get in touch with us at Digital Living today.

Need advice on security options? We will never try to sell you anything you don’t want or need.  Our experts will sit down with you and explain all of our security options and even help you pick the ones that meet your specific requirements. Get in touch with us today!

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