A Smart Home That Fits Into Your Lifestyle

What is a Digital Living Smart Home?

There are many smart home products available on the market today, yet many won’t work nicely together…it is only when these devices work in concert, that the charm of living in a smart home is realized.

All houses from large to small work harmoniously with the owner when a world class Smart Home platform is professionally installed.  A Digital Living Smart Home delivers ease of use, flexibility and performance, on a single system that coordinates all aspects of your home, which ultimately makes your home more enjoyable to live in.

With a single touch or voice command*, your lights dim, the shades lower and your favorite movie appears, or your playlist streams throughout your home and into the backyard. Turn up the heat or air and lock the doors, and arm the security system with a single touch. See who’s ringing the doorbell and check your cameras from anywhere in the world.

A Digital Living Smart Home powered by Control4 will allow you a more intune living experience that once you operate, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Smart Home Foundation: The Network

In a connected world, constant availability to the network is imperative. Most of today’s home networks are not ready for the expanding requirements of a smart home, but with a Digital living professional wired and wireless network, your homes devices will have a seamless, scalable, reliable, and secure network. More importantly, your home will be Digital Living Smart Home ready.

Ease of Use: Control

An easy to use system allows for control from an array of devices, whether it’s a universal remote, a touch screen to browse and play music, or a keypad to manage lights, shades, audio, and more.  A Digital Living Smart Home allows you the flexibility to choose.  And if you prefer no interface at all, simply use your voice to control anything in the house.

Each method of control is designed for simple and easy access to the features you use most, with a consistent look and feel across all devices.

Go Mobile

A mobile app with a subscription provides secure access to your home while you’re away. Turn on or off all lights from anywhere in the world… Monitor cameras, adjust the temperature, close the garage door, lock all doors that have smart locks installed, and turn off the lights using your iOS or Android mobile device, or even your Apple Watch.

Let's Plan Your Digital Living Smart Home

Every Digital Living Smart Home Home is unique. We will work closely with you to create a smart home solution that best matches your lifestyle and budget. It’s more affordable than you would think. You can get started with a Digital Living Smart Home package for just $600 MSRP*.

Start in one room, perhaps an entertainment set-up for your family room, and then add on a lighting package when your needs change. Or install a package that will encompass your whole home. 

Start planning your Digital Living Smart Home today!

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