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New Construction & Remodel Technology Design | Digital Living

Are you taking up a new construction or remodel project? Find out more about technology design by Digital Living!

Imagine your home being future proof, where new technologies easily install into your home over the years, hence lowering future integration hassles, cost of ownership, and increasing referrals from satisfied clients. This is precisely what you get when you work with Digital Living for your remodel or new construction project.

Future-Proofing Expertise

Working with an experienced Smart Home – Audio/Video company is undoubtedly becoming essential to the success of any new construction, or home remodel project. At Digital Living, we have been partnering with leading designers, architects, contractors, and builders to offer amazing Smart Home – Audio/Video solutions. From designing to the preliminary cabling to the final home automation mobile application, Digital Living makes sure project success way into the future.

Project Continuity

Partnering with Digital Living throughout the course of the project will ensure that your home is ready for any effective Smart Home Automation system that you like, presently or a few years down the line. Proper project continuity also helps the contractor, designer, architect, and your peace of mind that the smart home technology design that you pick will work seamlessly.

Guaranteed Project Satisfaction

Since we are so sure that our customers will be happy, a Digital Living Smart Home allows us to offer allowances throughout every step of the project, ranging from support to future installation of technology design in the home. We develop long-lasting relationships with our customers due to our experience.

Take A Look at Your Future Smart Home

A mobile application with a subscription offers secure access to your home while you’re out at work or on vacation. Switch on or turn off the lights no matter where you are. In fact, you can even adjust the temperatures, monitor cameras, close doors, lock all doors that have smart locks installed, and switch off electrical appliances using your Android or iOS mobile device or even your smartwatch.

Start Planning Your Digital Living Smart Home

Each Digital Living Smart Home is different. Our team of professionals will collaborate closely with you to build a smart home technology design that best suits your budget and lifestyle. It’s more economical than you’d imagine! You can start off with a Digital Living Smart Home for only $600 MSRP.

You can even start in a single room, maybe an entertainment set-up for your living room, and then add a lighting package when your requirements change. You can even opt for a package that covers your entire home.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Digital Living Smart Home today!

Contact Digital Living Right Away for the Best Technology Design!

Digital Living has more than three decades of integrating advanced technologies into your business and home. Having your new construction or remodel project as a Digital Living Certified Smart Home will increase value and offer you peace of mind for many years down the line!

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