Do You Aspire to Build Modern, Innovative, and Comfortable Homes? At Digital Living, We Offer the Best Technology Solutions for Architects.

The needs of US architects are rapidly evolving by the minute. Home automation was once an additional, desirable feature reserved exclusively for high-end homes. But that’s not the case anymore!

Today, even modest homes incorporate smart solutions because more homeowners want smart home technologies to be included. It’s a trend that’s surely going to continue, and this is why architects need to work with home automation professionals from Digital Living now more than ever!

Here are some of the technology solutions we offer to architects.

Digital Living Smart Home

A Digital Living Smart Home offers flexibility, performance, and ease of use, on a single system that coordinates every aspect of a home, making it a more delightful place to live.

You can design a home where homeowners can dim the lights, lower the shades, play their favourite movie, or stream their playlist with a single voice command or touch.

Installing a Digital Living Smart Home system powered by Control4 will give your clients a more enjoyable living experience!

Lutron Homeworks Lighting Systems

Enhance the interior décor of the spaces you build with sophisticated, intuitive, and modern controls. This way, homeowners can build the perfect scene by just pressing a single button. We offer keypads in various different finishes and styles and customizable to match your requirements.

For instance, the Alisse Wall Control is a beautiful, versatile, and balanced control that creates a magical lighting experience at just the touch of a button. You can pick from a number of sophisticated metal finishes to enhance any interior.

Home Theatre and Movie Rooms

As the home entertainment industry offers innovative technologies with easier control, building and incorporating a modern home theatre has never been easier.

We can design a number of audio-video, home theatre solutions that will allow your clients to play their favourite movie and even fit their budget.

Outdoor Audio Video

If your clients are music enthusiasts, you can install a system so that they can have music anywhere they want in their home, on their patio, in the backyard, and beyond. We are the Preferred Sonos Integrator, and we can install a Sonos system up in your project in the shortest possible time.

Wired and Wireless Data Networks

Today, homes are more connected than ever, and as an architect, you need to design them for these wireless and wired devices properly. Remember that there’s nothing more frustrating for your clients to have devices on their network that don’t connect to the internet.

You can use our services to network or connect buildings with long-range wireless solutions and fibre-optics. This allows for –

  • Wired and Wireless Cabling
  • Multi-Building Wireless and Wired Solutions and Cabling
  • Managed Data Networks
  • Video Gate Solutions and Access Control

Hire Digital Living Professionals Today!

Being an architect, you need to ensure that you build and design modern homes for your clients. You can partner with Digital Living to offer better solutions to your clients!

Contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you!

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