Video Surveillance & Security

Enjoy added peace of mind with one step close to a smart and secure home! Get convenience and security with video surveillance & security solutions!

For over 35 years, Digital Living has brought security and peace of mind to residential and commercial property owners in the California region with technologically advanced video surveillance & security systems. Developed with ease of use foremost in mind, our solutions feature intuitive interface controls that make protecting your home incredibly simple and easy.

Use Your Phone as Your Key

Keep your door security safe in your pocket and just a single tap away. With Digital Livings smart lock, you get security and convenience with keyless and electronic solutions.

Our highly integrated video surveillance & security system allows you to monitor the activity on your surveillance feed from anywhere across the globe, as long as you have an internet connection. Simply log in to your security system through your laptop, tablet, or mobile and view live streams or access previous footage.

Easier Installation and Better Implementation

Unlike analog systems, digital video surveillance & security systems can be installed fairly easily. They don’t require a lot of equipment and can facilitate your security team more successfully operate the security system.

Analog surveillance and security systems require complicated wiring to cameras to view several video feeds. However, today’s advanced digital video surveillance & security systems offer much easier installation and maintenance.

Safe and Secure

Smart Locks integrate compatibility and advanced features with your home automation system. Controlling your doors and locks from anywhere in the world frees you from the stress of being locked out, losing keys, or hiding spare keys for family members and friends that might compromise your family’s security.

Superior Hardware by IC Realtime

Get the peace of mind you deserve by installing an enterprise-level video surveillance & security system that will protect your business, family, or home.

Keep track of who visits your business or home, from the convenience of your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

No Keys, Private Code, Increased Control

With an electronic door, you can set your own personal code to enter your house. Plus, with a couple of button presses, you can lock or unlock it. In fact, you even get increased control over who has access to your home. Simply share a temporary code with whoever needs one and delete it when you find it appropriate.

Know When People Enter

Get text message alerts when someone steps inside your home. Control when the housekeeper can come in. This way, you won’t need to hide keys under the doormat.

Contact Digital Living Today!

At Digital Living, we approach every project properly by listening to our clients and then offering a solution that matches their requirements. Video surveillance & security systems take meticulous planning and knowledgeable product selection.

Thus, when you work with our team of experts to develop and integrate video surveillance & security systems into your business or home, you get unparalleled value with award-winning service. Contact us today at 877-415-4158.

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